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HDG600 Series Silicone Cloth




Sil-pad is one kind of clean and efficient TIM material for a wide range of electronic components, or between other heat-generating devices and chassis.

Our R&D center enables us to work closely and provide not only products but also best solution to our clients.

ROHS Compliant: Yes

UL recognized: Yes


     Thermal conductivity: 1.6 W/m·K

     Excellent thermal performance

     Low thermal resistance

     Non-toxic, non-corrosive


     Available in die-cut parts, sheets and rolls


     HDG600, sil-pad, is one kind of composited material.  HDG400s carrier is fiberglass and its matrix is silicone rubber.

     HDG400 has excellent thermal conductivity and flame retardant performance which

allows it to be applied on different kinds of surfaces.

     HDG600 is mainly placed between power devices and heat spreaders.

Our sil-pad is available in die-cut parts, sheets and rolls, meeting your demands of various heat-spreading, such as TO-220, TO-247, etc


      Power supply



      Transistor Outline Package