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One-component thermal conductive silicone gel

 HD-TG350/HD-TG350-60 is a new type of thermally conductive material. It has the characteristics of low thermal resistance, high reliability, low working pressure, strong adhesion, and reusability. The state of the device is between the thermal paste and the thermal paste, and is also called gap glue.

 The one-component thermally conductive silicone gel has been pre-cured and does not need to be cured again during use. The operation is simple. Colleagues have low requirements for interface geometry and provide excellent design flexibility.

■ RoHs Compliance: Yes

■ Product Features

Ultra-low compressive stress, no stress damage to components

Has a certain degree of wetting performance, maximizes the limited contact area, and achieves rapid heat dissipation effect

Keep the shape unchanged after extrusion, will not flow or collapse, easy to operate

Low oil yield, high reliability, wide temperature range

Can realize automatic dispensing process, improve operation efficiency

■ typical application

Automotive Electronics (ECU)

Industrial Controller

Power conversion equipment (power supply, UPS)

Communication equipment

■ Packing

Standard 30ml/piece, 300ml/piece

Can be customized according to requirements

■ Storage conditions

Store in dry and dark place

Storage temperature -5~30℃

Storage period: 6 months