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HD-FS300 Series thermal pad


Features and Benefits

   Thermal conductivity: 3.0 W/m·K

   Excellent thermal performance

   Electrical insulating characteristics

   Low oil-bleeding

   High tack surface reduces contact resistance

   Available in die-cut parts and sheets

   Available with reinforcement carrier or non-reinforced one


■  Thermal Pad (Gap pad)

   We has been engaging in TIM material for more than 18 years. As a leading manufacturer, we continually develop and manufacture gap-pad to meet demands of clients. We're the only one manufacturer which is able to produce 8W/m·k conductivity gap-pad in China.

   HD-FS300 thermal pads, which are made from soft silicone conductive materials, have excellent thermal and electrical insulating performance.

   HD-FS300 thermal pad is soft and flexible which could reduce contact resistance between heat generators and heat sinks, transferring heat to heat spreaders effectively.


   Between an IC and a heat sink

   Between a semiconductor and heat sink

   Between power supply module and heat spreader

   Between heat-generating devices and chassis

   Hard drive cooling

   Signal amplifier cooling

   CD-ROM/DVD cooling

   LEDs, lighting

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